Socratic Method

Socratic Method would help to measure the Socrates’ famous quote - I know that I know nothing. Socrates never introduced the Socratic Method. The method was derived after him from his teachings. It is well known in academic field and it is customized to help students in various fields such as law, psychotherapy, human resource management, human resource training, teaching and etc. Therefore, the method will help us to explore further on Socrates quote. 

What is Socratic Method? Simply I can say the Socratic Method is answer(s) of your questions. You do not need to search truth outside, but find inside. The method can be applicable between individuals. Based on critical thinking, the truth seeking can be opposed by questioning and answering. It can be a debate, contradiction, offense or defense. However, it should lead to find the answer from various aspects & facts.  The aim is to find the truth, not to confuse and come to wrong conclusion.

Socratic Method
Socratic Method

Socratic Method in psychotherapy

I would like to share a few words about Socratic Method in psychotherapy. It is simple and has in-depth meaning. If someone wants to find the answer for his problem, the person has to raise so many useful questions. When more questions arise, there are more answers and possibility of solutions. A simple example is illustrated here. 

Why I’m unorganized? Because, I have lot of distractions.
Can’t I deliver from them? I can, but I’m not initiated.
Why? I don’t know how to do.
Can I get help? Yes, I can.
Who can help me? Psychotherapist can help me.

I know that I know nothing

What do you know? What you do not know? Do you know yourself? If you firstly understand about yourself, then you have the potentiality to find outside. Sometimes it is hard to understand ourselves. We have contradiction on our own thoughts. Yesterday, we were leftist, and today rightist. Once upon a day, you were an atheist, and today you are a devotee. We chance as per the influence from inside & outside. Who we are? Continues changes prevent to come to a conclusion. I imagined many times that how I can say “I know”. Do I know who am I? If I am not perfect to know about myself, how could it be possible to know others? I moved several times by Socrates’ words “I know that I know nothing” and wondered how true it is.


  1. It is difficult to absorb the Socratic method in psychotherapy but after reading your post, I have an idea of psychotherapy whatever I will get through it.

  2. What is the main reason of unlike the Socrates by Greek King? Could you know the perfect reason, please share ?

  3. I like Socrates's method that you do not need to search truth outside, but find inside.

  4. I want mathematical equation for Socrates's methoh,if know the equation please send it my email.

  5. I do not know what I don't know . I am guessing that it changes constantly if you continue lifes path with a open mind and heart. You will be doing the best you can be.


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