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Hindu philosophy teaches that the soul is a lasting remaining of me after removed or left all from me. The body cannot become "I". Because, we used to say "my body", "my eye", etc. Here, body or eye is part of me, and it never becomes "I". The term "my body" indirectly says that body is part of me, and I am not part of body. Also, it is applicable for all of our senses as well as mind. When I sleep, I exist. Even though, I cannot feel "I" during my sleep. However, I exist, and my mind or senses are unable to find it. Therefore, we could conclude that mind is not "I". If so, who is "I"? Hindu philosophy tells that whether you sleep or not, but living part in you is soul, and the soul is "I".

Existence concept through Socrates and Hindu philosophy

It (soul) sees without sight; hear without hearing; think without thinking; know without knowing. There is no one to see; no one to hear; no one to think; and no one to know, except the soul. It is your soul which is the inner man, the immortal, and others are badness. The soul is to be seen (by inner eye); to be heard (by inner ear); to be minded (by internally); to be meditated (by unity of heart). It reveals by all acts of senses. It never adopts anything, but bears everything. It has not attitude, but experience.

Hindu philosophy gives priority to soul as supernatural stuff. Your existing is based on soul, not like existing concept of Socrates. He used "thinking" to prove our existence while Hinduism sees it as part of us, and our existence can be prove by the soul.

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