Beauty : What do you know about it?

The world is crazy about beauty. I don’t say what beauty is. The term is still arguable in the philosophical world, and it is one of philosophical problems. Apart from fundamental needs, it plays a vital role in human life. Sometimes, it gets the better of essence.

I remember a joke. It says an event of death of mother of an actress. At the funeral, daughter was weeping and mourning. She was expressing grievance by word, but never say a word “mummy”. The reason was that if she would have said the word mummy, her lips can touch each other and resulting rub off of lipstick. Moral of this joke is that being beauty is most important than grief.

Salon, cosmetic company, spa and beauty parlor are higher number or equal than some basic needs. I see them lot a pharmacy in a city. Cosmetic products are expensive than basic items. Cosmetic products have potential demand and many businesses run for the sake of beauty. People are more interest on knowing about beauty secrets than knowing themself.

But, Socrates word echoes “Beauty is a short-lived tyranny”.

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